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Thank you for visiting my about page.

I see little I  see little value in the self-congratulatory act of drafting a professional profile. I have written one as it helps to introduce me at conferences. If you looking for obligatory professional profile, please click here. My LinkedIn profile  is also available.

Now, that  the inane self-congratulatory bits are over, let me tell you a little about myself.  I am on an adventure to build simple, useful online applications for South African small business.

Eight years ago, I was working as a public policy analyst at NALEDI. The work was awesome and rewarding, and I learned so much. The next logical step was to enter government or the private sector in an executive position, and do an MBA. I may do that if my ventures fail, but for now I am doing my best to solve problems for South African small business.

I started tinkering with building a websites eight years ago, with the hope of setting up an online magazine. I have however learned that  the Internet could facilitate wider changes.The gap between doing public policy analysis on the one hand, and implementing change on the other hand, no longer applied.

It is nothing short of revolutionary. The Internet provides the means to not only lobby and advocate policy, but to actually craft the alternative.  I know believe that the alternatives are in building applications. Today, I am is answering the question – Can we help South African small business? Hopefully, we answer that question with our online applications.

Philosophically, it is an intriguing and demanding question – Can market based reforms facilitated by the Internet support economic inclusion South Africa? Yep, I know that is full of jargon, it basically means, building simple applications that allow small business to thrive and through that changing our apartheid inheritance of a highly concentrated and unequal economy.

The applications I have build or am building are:

    • Zapreneur – This is a public policy focused blog on economic inclusion. It is also where everything started.
    • Proposal Desk – Creating a market for professional services in South Africa, one Monday at a time. This is our first application

Hopefully, I will still be doing this at the end of 2014. Otherwise, I might be looking for a job.

Hoping that you will join me on this journey.